EXPRESS on premise servers

$1,599.00 $999.00

Single server 2TB SSD (Raid), 6TB Hard disks (raid)

14 Days Delivery  

  •  Hypervisor configured
  •  Cloud Customisation (cloud ready)
  •  Complete on premise failover
  •  Windows file Server/ MSQL Server +
  •  Local infrastructure (DNS, DHCP, SSL)
  •  Perfect for SMB
  • Windows server included
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High performance file servers.
Monthly fee.
Storage: SSD & Spinning Hard Disk Drive
365 Email Accounts * 1x Physical Servers
Virtual Machines & Managed Databases
Analytics + Domains free
Users & Windows Server
Redundant & Managed
Support & Upgrades
CRM & ERP (free)
Website hosting services
Inc SSL Certificates
Backup system & Automation

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