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Access the next iteration of applications for businesses, freedom to create, manage and deploy your own SaaS products or apps easily and without fuss!

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Digital Exchange pulled together enterprise software and automated the deployment, orchestration & management of infrastructure building a platform, allowing nearly all applications micro or macro clustered environments environment.

  • Own and manage your assets without being locked in.

  • We deliver your private platform on any cloud.
  • Platform with Identical dev staging and production.

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How do we do it?

Build on code

We deliver standard or reference architecture on any cloud.


We deploy the environment. (DevOps on tap)

100% of the code

We get you started and handover the reigns,

Your Apps

You develop, deploy and manage the apps, we support you forever!

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4 reasons why choose Us

Best Plan Options

We have done all the hard work to create a simple and business platform for any long term hosting providers.

Monthly Plans

No pain with locked in plans 1 clear months notice and its done, no words no drama, if we cant make it worth your while we wont penalise you for it either.

50 years IT experience

We understand the pointy end and have seen all the big changes move across the board.

Secure Internet

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Choose the plan that fits you

Monthly subscriptions reduce barier to entry for businesses.
Get started right away no hassle!

Multi Server failover
Single server full featured
Rock Solid Addons

We are here to help You out!

We offer a full support service that matches your needs, ad hoc or full managed, we do our best to support our clients.


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We are here to help You out!

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